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“What is Truth?” asked Pontius Pilate (John 18:38). We will seek to discover and uncover the Truth in answer to Pilate’s question according to Christianity and Islam. Please stay tuned.


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Bridge Series

The Bridge Series is a collection of resources that help Christians build intelligent bridges of understanding to Muslim minds.

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Published Literature

Literature published by BTM

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BTM Videos

Multimedia and video resources

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Online Courses

We conduct online courses to equip the church for outreach.

News and Testimonies

The Command of Wife Beating in Islam

29th September 2022

In this day and age, when the welfare and safety of the family should be paramount in every family’s priority, we find a Qatari Muslim leader teaching, promoting and endorsing a barbaric-like behaviour and action by Muslim husbands. 

Hasnah sharing her conversion to Christianity

Story of Hasnah from Malaysia embracing Christianity

16th September 2022

Malaysian Malay Sunni Muslim lady Hasnah learned about the Bible’s truth and turned to Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.

Are freedom of Thought and Speech in Jeopardy with Islamisation?

22nd August 2022

The recent stabbing of author and thinker Salman Rushdie in August, 2022 is a wake up call to all conscientious people around the world.

Man flipping the Bible on the lap

Abu had a dream and he found the answer from a Christian friend

16th August 2022

Abu Shah, a Muslim who studied the Qur’an had a dream about a Bible on his lap. He searched for the meaning of the dream and found Jesus.

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