BTM – Bridge to Muslims


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Battle For Influence

An online multicultural community. This forum provides you with resources to equip and help you earnestly contend for the faith and to build yourself soundly in your faith.


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Answering Islam - A Christian-muslim Dialogue

A christian-muslim interfaith dialogue site. It engages in 25 different international languages in interfaith dialogue. It enhances christian-muslim understanding.


Come Follow Me - Discipleship Course

Come Follow Me is a relational discipleship course for Christ’s followers of Muslim background. The course was originally written by Tim Green for a particular context in a conservative Muslim country but is now being used in many contexts and languages.

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Communio Messianica - From Islam To Christ

Communio Messianica is a prayerfully inspired response, guided by the Holy Spirit, to a major phenomenon of Muslims being called out of darkness to embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

New Advent - Official Documents of the Church Fathers

A comprehensive list of classical and historical Church documents and manuscripts that document Church history through the ages through the writings of the Apostolic Fathers, the Ante-Nicene Fathers, the Early Church Fathers, the Patristic Fathers and other known ancient and medieval Fathers.

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