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The True Story of Zackchariah from Malaysia

27th December 2022

The touching, true journey of a sincere Muslim who embraces Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour for life and health.

Hasnah sharing her conversion to Christianity

Story of Hasnah from Malaysia embracing Christianity

16th September 2022

Malaysian Malay Sunni Muslim lady Hasnah learned about the Bible’s truth and turned to Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.

Man flipping the Bible on the lap

Abu had a dream and he found the answer from a Christian friend

16th August 2022

Abu Shah, a Muslim who studied the Qur’an had a dream about a Bible on his lap. He searched for the meaning of the dream and found Jesus.

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Ali heard about Jesus through Facebook and he believes

18th July 2022

Ali was born in Pakistan city call Fazilpur and raised in strict Muslim family. A conversation with Christian through Facebook changed his life and he is now a Christian. Here is Ali’s story.

Brother Rachid

The story of brother Rachid

25th May 2022

Brother Rachid grew up as a Muslim in Morocco. Little did he know that his life would be changed forever when he heard a Christian radio program and started corresponding with them, asking his questions about the Bible. Here is Rachid’s story.

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