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Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me is a relational discipleship course for Christ’s followers of Muslim background. The course was originally written by Tim Green for a particular context in a conservative Muslim country but is now being used in many contexts and languages.

It aims to help believers to:

  • put down deep roots in Christ
  • grow deeper with each other and with their mentor
  • be transformed in their thinking and lifestyle, as God’s Word interacts with their old worldview
  • learn inductive study by going all the way through one book of the Bible
  • grapple with practical issues of following Christ in a Muslim setting
  • relate wisely to their Muslim families, with appropriate witness

Please contact us for more information.

Come Follow Me is a discipleship course written specifically for new believers in Jesus from a Muslim background. It is relevant to the issues they face, is rooted in inductive Bible study, and for use in a regular, relational way (1:1 or in a group). It is also reproducible, so that those who complete the course can use it with others in turn.

It works best with a weekly discussion group, like this:

Each week the learners:

  • learn from the course book themselves through personal home study
  • interact with others in discussion
  • put the teaching into practice in the context of their daily lives

Please contact us for more information.

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