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In Search for a New Life | Conversion Motives of Christians and Muslims

These are the conversion stories of John and Ahmed. John, a former Catholic, converted to Islam. Ahmed, born a Muslim, became a Christian. Dr Andreas Maurer identified five foundational conversion motives in his doctoral thesis. These are: religious, mystical, affectionate, socio-political, and material motives. After introducing the stories of both converts, Dr Maurer gives a quick analysis of the Muslim and the Christian convert respectively.

Answering Muslims' Confusions Series

In this series, we are going to answer some of the most common Muslims’ confusions and misunderstandings about the true Gospel.

Christian Responses to Islamic Ideas and Practices

We find that Islam practices and some ideas very interesting and sometimes mind-blogging. Here are some of our responses to those things. We hope Muslims and Christians can interact and engage on these relevant topics.

Journey To Truth

In this series, we welcome you to embark on this journey to discover the truth about Isa al Masih.

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