“What is Truth?” asked Pontius Pilate (John 18:38). We will seek to discover and uncover the Truth in answer to Pilate’s question according to Christianity and Islam. Please stay tuned.


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Bridge Series

The Bridge Series is a collection of resources that help Christians build intelligent bridges of understanding to Muslim minds.

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Published Literature

Literature published by BTM

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Online Courses

We conduct online courses to equip the church for outreach.

News and Testimonies

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The Forbidden Peace

30th October 2023

There actually IS Peace between Jews, Christians and ex-Muslims in Israel. What some call a ‘Forbidden Peace,’ is the true Peace given by the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ to all mankind.

Muslims claim "We Love Jesus too?" Really, which Jesus are we referring to?

26th September 2023

Some Islamic propogandists say “We love Jesus, too.” in their missionary tracts and dawah writings. But IS the Jesus Muslims claim, the same as the Jesus of the Gospel in the Holy Bible?

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50,000 Mosques Are Closed

21st August 2023

Iran’s religious landscape is facing a major challenge as a senior cleric reveals that a staggering number of mosques, 50,000 out of 75,000, have been closed due to dwindling attendance.

“Creating the Qur’an,” a Scholarly and Academic Study of How the Quran Actually Came to Be

27th June 2023

Creating the Quran, A Historical-Critical Study” by Stephen Shoemaker. He presents the most comprehensive and convincing examination of the origin and evolution of the Qur’an and wrote this book.

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